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Dental Care Plan Fareham

Practice Plan Direct Hampshire

Practice Plan Direct. The peace of mind that all your preventative dental care will be covered by convenient monthly payments.


Are you seeking comprehensive dental care without breaking the bank?

Look no further than Practice Plan Direct, your solution for affordable and reliable monthly care plans tailored to your dental health needs. With Practice Plan Direct, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your preventative dental care is covered by convenient monthly payments, regardless of the current state of your teeth.

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Why choose Practice Plan Direct

Convenient Monthly Payments

Enjoy hassle-free dental care with our convenient monthly payment option. With Practice Plan Direct, you can spread the cost of your dental care evenly throughout the year, making it easier to budget for your oral health needs.

Immediate Access to Care

Join Practice Plan Direct today and gain immediate access to a range of benefits, including same-day emergency treatment and priority appointments for dental emergencies. Our commitment to prompt and efficient care ensures that 95% of our members are seen within 5 minutes of their appointment.

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