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Same Day Dental Implants

Teeth in a Day in Fareham

Crofton Dental Care is incredibly excited at our ability to provide the latest forms of dental reconstructive technology in our same-day dental implant process.


At Crofton Dental Care, we're thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge same-day dental implant service, also known as "Smile in a Day."

With advancements in dental technology, we now offer state-of-the-art treatments including Same Day All-on-4 Implants and Same Day All-on-6 Implants. These procedures not only provide efficient and reliable dental solutions but also offer the convenience of walking out of our office with a perfect smile that will last a lifetime.

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Our same-day dental implants

Traditional dentures can often lead to dietary restrictions and embarrassing situations due to adhesive deterioration over time. Our same-day dental implants eliminate these concerns by utilizing anchor points surgically implanted in the jaw, allowing you to eat and speak with confidence.

Benefits of One-Day Implants in Fareham, Hampshire

  • Enjoy a functional row of teeth on the same day as your surgery, providing immediate results and restoring your smile’s functionality.

  • Experience relative comfort while eating and speaking throughout the healing process, enhancing your overall quality of life.

  • With proper maintenance and dental hygiene, your implants can last a lifetime, providing long-term benefits for your oral health.

  • Teeth-In-a-Day treatments support jaw bone density and strength, promoting optimal oral health and stability.

  • Unlike traditional dentures, you won’t need to avoid chewy or tough foods, allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals without restrictions.

  • The process of obtaining same-day dental implants is straightforward, typically involving a single surgery lasting 2-4 hours and minimal aftercare. A temporary prosthesis attached to your implant ensures immediate results, allowing you to achieve the smile you desire after just one session

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Why choose Crofton Dental Care for dental implants in a day?

  • We have been serving the needs of the local community in Fareham and beyond for many years, establishing ourselves as a trusted and reliable dental practice.
  • Enjoy a free consultation for all our dental treatments, allowing you to explore your options and make informed decisions about your oral health.
  • Our team has advanced training and extensive experience in providing top-quality dental care, ensuring exceptional results for every patient.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive examination for your dental health, tailored to address your individual needs and concerns.
  • Receive personalized treatment based on your unique requirements, ensuring that you receive the best possible care for your smile.
  • Enjoy the convenience of our free parking facility with easy ground floor access, making your visit to our practice as stress-free as possible.

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